Restoration and finishing

Ofrecemos un servicio de 360º para los clientes mas exigentes.

We offer a 360º service for our most discriminating of clients. We provide finishes and restoration which adhere to antique hydraulic mosaics. In addition, we offer advice to those interested in restoring or conserving aged hydraulic mosaics in order to achieve optimal results for our clients.

Piece by piece restoration

We restore cement tiles piece by piece and apply our delicate techniques accordingly for each tile. After at least eighty years of being walked over, the degrees of wear on tiles vary depending on the location. For us it is vital that we restore them one by one to achieve optimal results.


We have a selection of reused Cement tilesavailable, each with a history from different geographic regions. They are cleaned meticulously and brought back to life.

Reproduction for restoration

We reproduce customized tiles and designs for restoration in the following cases:
• If pieces (tiles) are missing to complete a mosaic.
• If you want to recreate a design that has special meaning for you.
• If there are certain areas of your mosaic or pieces (tiles) that are extremely worn and you would like to restore them.
We have the solution.

High Resistance Polishing

Our cement tiles are formulated to be micro-polished piece by piece, therefore maintaining a high level of resistance to wear and staining. Our technicians create an exceptional finish on MOSAISTA hydraulic tiles.

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