Cement tiles courses

Courses for those who are interested in acquiring a profound understanding of the work that goes into designing and producing hydraulic mosaics.

Over the years we have been living in the renaissance of hydraulic mosaics in Spain, and the said demand is reflected in the possibilities this exceptional decorative element has to offer.

The artisanal techniques of this forgotten trade are motivation enough for each student to release and personalize their own creativity. This newfound knowledge can then be adapted to architecture, decoration and/or visual merchandising.

Course Objectives

The objective of the course is to learn about and research what comes to life through the creation of on site hydraulic mosaics, with the intention of bringing out each student’s creativity through the guidance of our professionals.

Who is the course for?

The course is geared towards all individuals that would like to acquire a profound knowledge of designing and creating hydraulic mosaics.

The course consists of:

1. Mosaic design.
• History
• Process of fabrication
• Design: transfers, rotations and symmetry

2. Assembling molds.
• Materials
• Tools
• Assembling molds

3.Mosaic Production.
• Mortar
• Colors
• Hydralic press
• Setting time

Resources and materials to be used.

All the materials used during the course will be provided by the organization, including all materials used in the production of tiles.


Those interested in participating in this course should send us a short CV that includes information about their career, positions held, personal interests, etc, and how these aspects of your life have influenced your desire to participate in this course. After the course price has been assigned, students will need to make payment following their interview. Participants will be selected based on their experience, ability and interest.

Number of Students.

In our opinion, for quality teaching, a proper class size is important.
The maximum number of students per course is 4.

The minimum number of students is also 4.
If the course does not take place due to a lack of students, or for any other reason, all fees will be refunded.

Dates and timetable.

Two weekends:

The first weekend (Friday and Saturday). The course will take place in our workshop located on calle Gobernador, 1, Madrid.
The second weekend (Saturday only). The course will take place in our workshop located in Velilla de San Antonio, Madrid.

Friday: 17:00 to 21:00

Saturday: 10:00 to 14:00

Total course hours: 12 hours

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